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The founder of the company has been engaged in photography for more than 25 years. Our company have produced a large number of backdrops, mostly for local US markets beside the fact that we are Europe based company. Our photographic experience has enabled us to create photo backdrops that will make your photos unique and give them exceptional atmospheres suited to the mood you wish to portray.

Our Vision.

Gravity Backdrops produce backdrops that are designed for photographers and videographers. All of our backdrops are hand painted by experienced academic painters. Our backdrops are best suited for a portrait style of photography with a predominance of grey colour, mottled with a texture. In addition to grey, which is the most dominant, we use ocher, brown, green, blue, but also any other tones appropriate to your specific project. We use high quality Italian canvases, primed or unprimed, weight 300-400g/m2.

Production Dynamic.

Our turnaround time for backdrop production is fast and usually within a week of receiving an order. Urgent backdrop requests can always be accommodated.

How to Order.

We can arrange all the details of your background, the dominant colour, texture, vignette etc. Custom painted backdrop are specific to each client’s needs and the price is determined by the size of the backdrop. Please phone or email us for a quotation or you can simply buy canvases that are in stock. Don’t forget that YOU CAN BUY THE BACKDROP FOR THE SAME PRICE OF RENTING!”

Our Work

Some of our cool backdrops

Search some of ours cool backdrops and our stock that are ready to ship. For the current backdrops stock please visit our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/gravitybackdrops/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums

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Gravity Promotions

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Due to the fact that we are new at International market, we will do our best to promote our backdrops and give you best promotions and deals that we can. Our STANDARD size backdrops are 1.6×2.5m (5.2×8.2) and cost just 300€ (330USD). MID size are 1.9×2.8m (6.2×9.2)  and cost 350e (390USD). LARGER size backdrops is 2.1×2.8m (6.9×9.2) and cost 400€ (440USD). EXTRA LARGE SIZE ARE 2.8X4M (9.2X13) and cost 800e (880USD). TWO SIDED (painted at both sides) backdrops are 450e (standard size), 480e (mid size), 600e (larger size) and 1000e Xl double sided backdrop. Other sizes are available also. We are sure that our quality will meet all yours expectations.


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You will get 3 standard size backdrops for the price of 2

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Buy 2 and get one free and FREE SHIPPING
You will get 3 backdrops, 2 larger size and one standard for FREE for the price of 2 large (800euros) SHIPPING IS FREE or 3 MID size backdrops with FREE SHIPPING

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Buy 3 and get one free and FREE SHIPPING
Buy 3 larger size and get one larger free and FREE SHIPPING

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We are glad to answer all your questions and requests. Do  not hesitate to contact us and  stay informed about all our promotions and deals.

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