Our favorite photography portal news is Fstoppers. ”Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals.  Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.”

We have a Winter gift for Fstoppers readers. LIMITED TIME until 28.2.2020.
Every promotional package L+ or XL size ordered, Fstoppers readers will get a complimentary extra small backdrop. No catch. You purchase one of our packages L+ or XL size backdrop you will receive a FREE  XS backdrop.
That’s right an extra backdrop, and for a limited time, we will include FREE shipping with any of our backdrop packages. For many of our packages, this is over 50% in savings.

Just make an order of any package online, and we will add one more free extra small backdrop by our choice or chose one from the extra small backdrop stock. Please DO NOT ADD XS backdrop in cart, just send us note with code of free xs backdrop you want us to add to your order.